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Our Clinicians

Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg 

Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg was a member of the Spanish Riding School from 1960 to 2002 and became not only the youngest person to be named to First Chief Rider, but the longest member to hold that position in the school's 400 year history. 

Having competed most successfully at the international level for the Austrian Team, Arthur brings an extremely rare opportunity to train with someone who not only has an in-depth classical background, but also an understanding of what it takes to be successful in the national and international world of competition dressage. 

He is a trainer and instructor of the highest international repute and currently travels world wide teaching both amateur and international level professional riders. The depth of his knowledge is unparalleled. In addition to his skills as a rider and trainer, Herr Kottas is one of only a few masters of the "in-hand" work. A skill which is extremely helpful in the pursuit of collection and the training of piaffe/passage.
Consistency and discipline are keys to success. Because of his commitment to his riders and desire to see results, Arthur comes to Euro-Quest Farms several times yearly coaching amateurs and professional trainers in preparation for competitions as well as helping all riders with the basic skills of correct riding and training. 

Join us as a rider or auditor for a unique opportunity to train and learn from a true master in an intimate clinic setting.  Spaces are limited to provide riders and auditors with a superior training experience. Please contact us for more information and reservations for riding or auditing one of our upcoming clinics at:

John Lassetter

 Quoted by Nuno Oliveira as having "one of the most classical seats among modern riders", John Lassetter has trained multiple riders around the world to successful international level competition.

John himself having trained at both the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and the Cadre Noir in France as well as having been a pupil of Herr Egon Von Neindorff and Captain Tibor Demko de Belenski of the Hungarian Spanish Riding School in Budapest, Hungary-a sister school to Vienna. John has also been a member of the British Team representing them with great success in international competition.

John was the chief instructor for both the Porlock Vale Riding School and Crabbet Park Equestrian Center in the UK. He has been head instructor and director of Goodwood Riding School since the late 1970s as well as having trained multiple young riders to the European YR Championships. Johns clinics offer a unique and fresh style of gymnastic work using exercises with cones and cavaletti making sessions both fun and educational for horse and rider.

No matter the level of rider from Training to Grand Prix, John has systematic exercises to help each and every training issue a horse and rider may be having.

Euro-Quest Farms invites you to come be a part of an unique training opportunity with an international trainer and rider who has a brilliant teaching and delivery style involving exercises you will be able to “take home and use in your daily training”. 

     Please contact us for upcoming clinic dates.