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Training And Instruction

Heidi Knipe


Heidi has been a professional rider and trainer for more than 35 years.  She has trained and competed horses through the upper levels in both disciplines of dressage and three-day eventing.  Heidi has been fortunate enough for the past 15 years to have been mentored by Mr. Arthur Kottas, First Chief Rider for the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Through this amazing journey she has been able to bring multiple horses from selection of young prospect through the systematic process to FEI.  All under the watchful eye of the master, Mr. Kottas.  Because of his in-depth background at the SRS, having ridden for the Austrian Team as well as being a dressage judge, Heidi has benefitted immensely from his tutelage in training of horses and riders in ways very few are ever exposed to.   Heidi has trained many horses to Grand Prix with multiple championship titles for herself while coaching her students to FEI with fantastic success of many winning titles.  She continues her education both in Europe and the States by training with Mr. Kottas and Mr. John Lassetter of the UK as well as attending clinics with carefully selected top professional instructors from Europe. She has recently had the wonderful opportunity to move her business to Wellington, FL to work and train amongst some of the top professional riders and trainers in the world in order to expand her teaching, training and sales business.

All USDF medals were achieved on self made horses with well above qualifying scores.

For The Rider

Euro-Quest Farms was established in 1984. It has always been our desire to provide top quality services to the dressage enthusiast in instruction, training, showing, and sales. We offer instruction and training from beginning through FEI. Our personalized training programs are designed for both horse and rider combinations as well as specifically for the horse when owners are unable to be present or just need their equine athlete to be in training.

The owner of the horse is encouraged to attend schooling sessions as often as possible. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned competitor, Euro-Quest Farms offers a supportive learning atmosphere in which to develop and perfect your riding skills.

Euro-Quest Farms has an active adult amateur and JR./YR. program. Individuals are encouraged to progress at their own pace, in a fun and educational environment. For those interested in competing we’re happy to help you set goals, plan a show schedule and provide instruction and training at shows to support you in attaining your goals.

For The Horse

We have an in-depth, step by step training process to allow horses to achieve their full potential while being happy and relaxed in their work.  We offer training for the young horse starting at age three or four years old. A systematic program is prepared for each individual horse consisting of lunging and ground driving first with surcingle and cavason and later graduating to bridle and saddle as the horse matures both mentally and physically. Horses are taught to accept and stretch to the bit while learning to relax and swing through the back. Time is taken with each individual horse to gain trust while developing balance and strength. Eventually, an experienced rider of the staff is introduced slowly and work continues on the lunge until the horse has confidence carrying the rider. 

From the young horses being backed through their training to Grand Prix, all horses are allowed to work at their own individual optimum pace.  Many horses are started in-hand at a young age to invite them to begin the to understand taking weight behind and collecting without the weight of the rider.  Upper level horses continue with in-hand work in order to progress and improve the collection and perfect the half steps for piaffe.