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Price Category       Amount

  A $25,000 -$35,000

  B $35,000 - $45,000

  C $45,000 -$55,000

  D $55,000 - $85,000

  E $85,000 - $100,000

  F $100,000 and over



Just Imported Stunning 2012 Dutch Gelding by Charmeur/Sir Sinclair.
Schooling all PSG movements and doing tempi's through the 1's easily.  Hemmi loves to work, has an exceptional training ethic and learns very quickly.  He wants to please every day! Lovely and correct mover, Hemmi is a pleasure to ride.  Very comfortable gaits to sit.  Forgiving, kind temperament making him easy to train and learn on.  Trail rides, clips, hauls and no vices.
He is as fun to ride as he is beautiful to look at.  He will get you noticed in the ring!!
Current x-rays on file.

Price Category:  F

Sold! From The Netherlands.   Valencio!  2013 Stunning bay gelding.  This beautiful gelding has been competing and winning against other top ponies on the way to qualifying for the 2017 Dutch Championships!  He has had top success in his first year of competition.  

* April he scored 83% in the Aggreko Cup

* Divoza Selection, Lunteren 76%

* Winner of the Divoza selections, Sevenum with 78%

* Four selection competitions won for the region championships

   Valencio was a licensed approved stallion before being gelded for import to the States.  He has beautiful gaits with a super temperament and has fantastic rideability.   Very easy to train, easy to sit and lovely in the bridle.  Currently schooling 2nd/3rd level, Valencio is a very quick learner and progresses quickly.  He has the quality and talent to become a top competitor at the FEI level.  Valencio is suitable for a AA, Junior or Young Rider wanting a top prospect for competition and a fabulous partner to train and be successful with.  Valencio has his permanent pony card.

Price Category: D


 Extremely fancy 2013 dressage pony. This beautiful gelding was a licensed, approved stallion before  gelding in order to bring to the United States.   He has never been bread and has an incredible mind and temperament.  He has won multiple classes with scores in the 70's  against other top ponies and was one of the top pony qualifiers for this year's Dutch championships.  He has excellent movement in all three gaits and is schooling 2nd/3rd level. He has the talent and looks to win against horses! He is super easy to ride and train. Valencio is a very fast learner and has an excellent work ethic. He has the talent to compete at FEI.  He is suitable for an adult amateur or jr/yr looking to advance quickly and successfully through the levels. He is georgous and will get you noticed!!  
 Valencio has his permanent pony card.